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Site Management tools from Blue Sea Online put the power of your website back into your hands. No longer do you have to wait to get ahold of someone else just to make a change on your website - and then wait some more until they actually do it! These tools allow anyone in your organization with clerical level skills to update the website through a web based manager located on this site. Site Management tools can bring benefits to your business including: Try the demostrations of the Site Management tools to see for yourself just how easy it is to put the control of your site back into your hands. If you have any questions about how any manager works, or are interested in putting this capability into your site, contact us today.

Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS) allows you to control the text and images on your website. Originally designed to handle sites with needs for constant updates like news sources, the CMS has been adapted to manage all of the text on a site as well as content such as image galleries. A usefull tool that can be shaped to handle just about any requirement, the CMS can be used to pick random blocks of text or images to give your website a constantly fresh look, repeated several times for news stories or archiving purposes, or shaped to display a gallery of photos.
"I was very apprehensive about making changes and managing our website until I did it and found that it was not only easy, but kind of fun once I got comfortable with it. Changing pictures was even easier than I thought it would be. I feel it will be much more beneficial not that I am able to make instant changes to reflect different promotions that come up. Don Dakin, Dakin's Yard-N-Garden

Database Management System

The Database Management System (DMS) allows you to control an inventory of items or data. Perfect for any business who sells a large number of items, or anybody who has products that require a large amount of data displayed for them. This system is the ground work for any e-commerce system that would allow you to create a website that increases your business. Data is entered into any of 23 fields that are customized to your needs, but include a price, web address, detailed description, and image field. This system comes with three custom search criteria that are formed by the data you have in the system including a keyword search.

Coupon Management System

The Coupon Management System allows you to post coupons on your website that a visitor can print off and redeem at your store. The manager allows you to customize each coupon in design and content including a specific offer, expiration date, details, and fine print allowing with a logo or image on the coupon itself. These are then displayed on your site for a visitor to see and print off for redemption. Excellent way to drive foot traffic into your store from the website.

Calendar Management System

The Calendar Management System allows you to post events on the website and allow visitors to search through them by either date or event type. Perfect for organizations or businesses that host large amounts of events, the manager has room to enter not only event names, dates and times, but also location information, sponsor details, website links, photos, cost, and contact information. Events are sorted into categories that you control, then the visitor has the option to filter the events by only the category that they are interested in.