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In today's business world, e-mail is a vital tool to our everyday livelyhood. A quick message to a co-worker, or a lengthy e-mail to a supplier, e-mail makes it easier to communicate with everybody around you. If your e-mail goes down, you most likely find yourself wondering what you did before you had it in the first place.

Blue Sea Online knows how important e-mail is to your business and we strive to provide excellent service with additional features that help your business. Each of our hosting packages comes with five e-mail addresses that can be customized to whatever you need. Additional address may be purchased in blocks of five as you need them for $15 per quarter. These e-mail addresses are hosted on a server that has a standard for continuous uptime and is always being monitored. Each e-mail account also has the following additional capabilities:

Anti-Virus Scanning

Every hour, virus definitions are downloaded to the server and used to scan your incoming messages for destructive viruses. E-mail is one of the main sources for viruses coming into your machine, and each message coming through the Blue Sea Online server is scanned to make sure nothing gets into your inbox. If a virus is found in a message, it is removed from the message, keeping a wall of defense for you at all times.

Spam Filtering

Spam has become a general nuiscance in our everyday lives. Of the twenty messages you may get at one time, the majority of them would be spam, making you waste precious time deleting messages you don't want or need. That's why we've enacted a tough filtering system to only let what you need into your inbox while keeping our false positive rate significantly low. Each incoming message is first checked against three national blacklists. These lists contain the information of known spammers. If the incoming message is from one of these sources, it is instantly deleted. If the message passes these lists, it is then scanned by a program that looks for known spamming tricks like common words or faked addresses. Scored on a point total, if the point total rises to high, the message is then deleted. This software has reduced clients spam totals from hundreds a day to less than ten while creating only two known instances of a false positive.

Web Client

Located inside this website, the Web Client allows anyone with an e-mail account to check their mail on the web, no matter their location or computer. Send, receive and forward messages just like you would at your own computer while on the road, at home, or on vacation.

Server Communication

Changing passwords or setting an autoresponder has never been easier. By sending an e-mail to the server, these options, among many, can be enacted or changed in a matter of minutes. No struggling with having to call your service provider to change a password, simply send a short message and the change is made.

System Administrators Function

For clients needing frequent changes or large amounts of accounts, a System Administrator is designated. These people then have access to a control panel located in this website that allows them to add, delete, or change account information. This puts the power of your e-mail system back into your hands, allowing changes anytime you wish without the need for our involvement.