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Welcome to Audition Airlines!

We hope you'll join us for a ride on our Audition Airlines. But what exactly is Audition Airlines?

Audition Airlines is your opportunity to try out our content management system, which allows you, the customer, to change text and images on your website - without having to call us.

Beyond that, the content manger system allows you to place timely stories on your website at any time of the day, or remove old stories - even if you're not in the office. You can also pull objects randomly, like Audition Airlines "Trip of the Moment", from the database to give the impression of ever changing content on your site.

We're also allowing you to experience this system first hand. See our Audition section for instructions on how you can see this system in action. Once you've experienced our system in action, we're sure you'll want to learn all about us and then write us an e-mail explaining your needs or wants for a new web site.

Audition Airlines Flys Into Cyberspace
Specials and Deals
Trip of the Moment
Football is Meant for Fall!
Now Through January!
Trip of the Moment Logo
Fall is football weather, and we're featuring flights to many football cities to catch a game. Catch a plane to Buffalo for the real artic experience at a game, Green Bay for a Packer game, or how about Detroit to see the new stadium? Part of the Raider Nation? Flights to Oakland leave on a daily basis. Check our rates for special deals on Saturday flights to your football city.