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Finding a web host that you can trust is sometimes a tricky task. Rates are often based on how much traffic your website gets, but you don't know that until after you get the bill. Getting someone on the phone to talk about your problems is a generally a hassle. Companies who own your domain name are out there too. Lack of support for your needs and a general inability to advance their offerings.

We've had these experiences too. That's why when Blue Sea Online was created, we wanted to separate ourselves from the other web hosts by providing what the competition didn't — quality service at a known price with real people that can help you with your problems. Blue Sea Online provides:

But it's what's beyond these services that sets us apart. Our staff of experienced web professionals are here to assist you through questions, problems, or additional solutions simply by a phone call or e-mail. We are constantly upgrading our systems to offer you more of the services that your business demands. We also bill on a flat rate; no pay by the transfer rate or pay by the space rate programs. You'll always know how much your bill will be at the end of the quarter with no surprises. Contact Blue Sea Online today to see how we can help your site and your business.

Web Solutions

Blue Sea Online has developed a set of proprietary management tools that can help your website current without our help to constantly update it. This set of management tools includes a Content Management System that allows the text and images on your site to be changed even when you're not in the office. A Database Management System that not only allows you to visitors to search through your products, but can also be hooked into an e-commerce system easily to allow them to purchase online as well. A Calendar Management System that allows you to post events with detailed information and photographs that can be sorted by event type or day of the month. A Coupon Management System that allows you to manage coupons displayed on your website that a visitor can print off and bring directly into your store for redemption.

A full series of tools to help your site be successful. Be sure to try our demo of the management tools today to see for yourself how powerful they really are.

E-mail Solutions

E-mail is a vital part of your business. In 2003, more e-mails were sent than postal deliveries and we've come to rely on our e-mail to always be there when we need it. Blue Sea Online offers incoming e-mail service with anti-spam and anti-virus protection automatically enabled. Stopping annoying spam messages and destructive viruses from reaching your computer is only the start of our service though. System Administrators looking over large amounts of e-mail have the ability to add, edit and delete e-mails accounts through our online service. Anyone with an e-mail through Blue Sea Online can also check their e-mail through our Web Client.

Contact Us Today

If you're looking to update or expand your website's capabilities, please contact us. We're available during business hours, and often times after, but always by e-mail. To find someone in your area that can help with design and development of your site, we have development partners across the United States.